Intellihance Pro 4.2

Adjust the focus and colour dynamics of your photos


  • Automatically scans and refocuses images
  • Handles batch uploads
  • Much cheaper solution than using Photoshop


  • Doesn't offer filters
  • Not many manual editing options


The digital age has made taking photos easier than ever but it's also meant that photos are more vulnerable to bad focusing.

If you don't have the money for Photoshop to sort out focusing and colour problems, try Intelllihance Pro. The program does much of the hard work for you by automatically analyzing images of folders in search of imperfections, although more advanced users can take control manually. Intellihance Pro opens folders of images and can handle batches of photos at one time. The kind of correction that is applied combines eight different settings - from the brightness or contrast and color saturation with the possibility of a preview. You can preview up to 25 different variations at once which makes life very easy when sorting out image problems rather than going through them one by one. Intellihance then automatically adjusts your pictures at which point you can choose whether to go-ahead with it or make a final manual adjustment, with the possibility of verifying the result. If you have implemented a number of manual settings, you can save them in a new profile for later use.

A semi-automatic image correction solution which does most of the work on it's own, this is a great tool for those that don't want to pay for Photoshop and just want to improve their photos.

Intellihance Pro 4 improves photos and images quickly and dynamically in order to look better.

You can compare and previsualize variations of up to 25 variations at a time. The program is compatible with Photoshop CS2.



Intellihance Pro 4.2

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